Teach First

Helping young people decide their future

The road to securing employment, a place at university, an apprenticeship or other post-school destination can be a difficult one for any young person to navigate. However, for those from low-income communities, there are more barriers standing in their way.

Young people from low-income communities are less likely to go to university or take up an apprenticeship than their better off peers. They’re also twice as likely to be NEET (not in education, employment or training).

Many of these young people have big ambitions, but lack the knowledge of how to achieve them. They’re also at risk of lacking the guidance needed to make informed choices about which route to take and the support they need to cope with independent living after school. Many also have fewer opportunities to develop the employability skills needed to succeed in their future career.

By the time they leave school, we want every young person to be in the position to make an informed and ambitious decision about their future, have secured a place on their route of choice and have the skills and mindsets which will help them to succeed – and crucially sustain – their place on that pathway. We work with young people, teachers and their schools to make this happen.

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