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How we support teachers and schools

How we support teachers and schools

Teachers and school staff play a vital role in preparing young people for their lives beyond school. This is much more than making them aware of their options and supporting them with applications during their secondary education, but nurturing ambition, and building skills and mind sets through all of the phases.

Staff throughout schools need to be involved in order to provide pupils with an impactful and coordinated programme of support and, crucially, school leaders need to drive effective whole school approaches to careers and progression.

We want to equip our participants and ambassadors to feel confident to take action to support successful student progression as part of their teaching practice, so we provide them with CPD sessions as part of our annual Impact Conference and as a series of sessions throughout the Leadership Development Programme.

For any teacher that wants to gain more specialist knowledge, we run additional CPD to ensure subject teachers are integrating careers and employability content into schemes of work. We also deliver our Careers and Employability Leadership Programme to create a pipeline of senior school leaders committed to championing careers and employability in schools. These projects link to our 2015 Careers Education in the Classroom report, where we set out the roles a teacher can, and should, play in this space.

*The Careers and Employability Leadership Programme is a free, 18 month CPD programme for middle and senior leaders in Teach First eligible schools. Download the PDF more information.

All teachers and schools can also use our Access Toolkit to support the progression of the young people they work with.

Our careers and employability work is supported by:

  • Careers and Employability Programme Founding Partners - KPMG Foundation and Goldman Sachs
  • Careers and Employability Programme Expansion Partner - Barclays Lifeskills