Our competencies

The following characteristics, skills and attributes are at the heart of Teach First. We aim to develop these in everyone who trains and works with us.

We look for certain attributes in everyone we work with, which in turn shapes our culture across the organisation. We think these attributes also make great teachers and leaders, which is why they’re an important part of our selection process.

Candidates that demonstrate them, or the potential to develop them, have a great chance of getting a place on our Training Programme.

1. Humility, respect and empathy

Teach First trainees work with lots of different people including pupils, parents, teachers and other trainees. Approaching situations with humility, respect and empathy will help you quickly build relationships that get the best out of everyone involved.

2. Interaction

Great teachers communicate clearly, listen carefully and respond appropriately. Tailoring your interaction style to suit the audience and situation will be key to engaging your pupils and contributing effectively to your team and school.

3. Understanding and motivation

Show passion for our mission to end educational inequality and power the potential in all children, and understand what makes our Training Programme so unique.

4. Leadership

Be proactive every day, making decisions that help you exceed expectations. Taking the lead plays a big part in our Training Programme.

5. Planning and organising

Trainees manage daily responsibilities and juggle lots of priorities. That makes working efficiently and effectively to meet deadlines a key part of success.

6. Problem solving

Come up with considered, effective and appropriate solutions to the challenges trainees face. This takes logic, creativity and innovation, as well as the initiative to use and explore all the resources you have to hand.

7. Resilience

Our Training Programme isn’t easy. You’ll need patience, energy and a positive mindset to persevere through the difficult times. Not to mention the confidence and tenacity to face challenges head on.

8. Self-evaluation

Personal development is vital for long-term success. Being able to honestly assess your performance, strengths and areas for development will help you progress quickly and increase your impact.

9. Adaptability

As a teacher you must adapt to the needs and abilities of your pupils and demonstrate flexibility in your approach.  A key driver of your success will be your ability to enact change in response to training, feedback and self-reflection.

If you do not meet all the requirements for our Training Programme, you can also train to teach in a school near you on our one-year unsalaried teacher training.

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Applications to join our 2024 Training Programme are open.

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