Campus Representatives

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A student job that makes a difference. Promote our cause at your university and build career-boosting skills in a role that’s part-time, paid and plenty of fun.

  • Paid, part-time work at your university
  • Stand out for a place on our Training Programme
  • Gain skills valued in every workplace
  • Flexible hours you can fit around your study
  • Become part of a community fighting educational inequality
One academic year starting in September 2020
Applications now closed

Develop your talent while helping us create a fairer education system for pupils from the poorest backgrounds.


Paid, part-time and at your university

Work an average of four hours per week in the first two terms of the academic year and get paid a competitive hourly rate. We leave the third term clear for you to focus on exams. 

Most of your time will be spent in and around campus, so you’ll be able to jump easily from lectures into your repping role.     

Stand out for a place on our Training Programme

Campus reps are automatically invited to our Training Programme selection day, skipping the application form. Most importantly the qualities you need as a rep – problem solving, communication, resilience, to name a few – are very similar to the ones we think make a great teacher, giving you a better shot at getting a place on our programme. 

Lots of students want to be campus reps, but we only have a certain number of roles to fill. So we give priority to those thinking about applying, or who have already applied, for our Training Programme. Our Training Programme is a Times Top 100 graduate scheme. 

Gain skills valued in every workplace

From the creativity needed to grab the attention of fellow students to the confidence you gain speaking to a packed lecture theatre, you’ll build valuable skills and experience. 
They’re not only skills that could help you become a leader in the classroom, they’re skills all employers are looking for. That’s why so many organisations partner with us and give our teacher trainees opportunities to work with them.  

Flexible hours you can fit around your study

You’re given freedom to independently create and deliver initiatives that promote Teach First at your university. That means you can build them around your day in a way that suits you and other reps you’re working with.

We’ll sometimes ask you to help at larger Teach First events, but we won’t ever expect you to miss lectures, seminars or other important study time.  

Become part of a community fighting educational inequality

Young people from poorer backgrounds often underachieve at school, which means they’re less likely to go to university or get a well paid job. Not because they lack talent, because they don’t have the same support and opportunities as wealthier pupils. The cycle continues when they have children, widening social inequality through the generations.  

If you’re as passionate as us about breaking that cycle, becoming a campus rep is a great way to play your part. You’ll be encouraging brilliant candidates to join our programme and become teachers where they’re needed most, in schools we partner with in low income areas. And you’ll be doing it alongside like-minded reps at your university, not to mention 1000s of trainees and former trainees across the country.

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My newfound confidence and communication skills will help me in the future, whatever career I end up in. Being a campus rep has allowed me to challenge myself to do things I never would have done before.
Campus rep
University of Birmingham

Your role

What makes a great campus rep  

On your application form and if we meet you at an interview, we’ll be looking for the attributes that make a great campus rep and examples of when you’ve shown them. We look for lots of these attributes in our trainee teachers too. They include:

  • A passion for our mission – the more motivated you are to end educational inequality, the more you’ll be able to inspire others to join the cause. 

  • Problem solving – can you come up with creative ideas that build the Teach First brand and do you approach new challenges enthusiastically? 

  • Planning and organisation – putting on successful events requires attention to detail, proactive planning and the ability to juggle several things at once.  

  • Relationship building – empathy, humility and respect, alongside strong communication skills, are all vital to building good relationships with everyone you meet. In other words, you need to like having a good chat. 

  • Self reflection – we’re not just looking for the finished article, we’re looking for potential too. If you can self reflect and refine your talent, you’ll develop in double-quick time.

What you’ll be doing

It’s not your average student job. You’ll be boosting lots of skills getting involved in a variety of activities and, importantly, having fun. Along the way you’ll have support from your university recruiter, who you’ll report to, and your fellow reps.  

  • Get the word out on campus. Make sure everyone knows about the opportunities Teach First offers through shout outs before lectures, posters, social media campaigns, articles in the student newspaper, appearances on university radio... whatever it takes to get students to sit up and take notice at your university. 
  • Come up with and deliver small awareness raising events on your own and with other reps. 
  • Chat to students one-on-one about our mission and the benefits of training as a teacher with us, encouraging them to sign up for further information. 
  • Check in with students who are keen to apply or are applying, giving them support and answering questions. 
  • Build relationships with academics, societies, your student union, the careers service and others who can help. 
  • Support our other university programmes and help out at larger events at your university such as recruitment fairs.

Where we are recruiting

Check the list to see if we're currently recruiting at your university: Cardiff University, Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh), King's College London, Lancaster University, Newcastle University, The University of Edinburgh, The University of Liverpool, The University of Manchester, The University of Nottingham, The University of Oxford, The University of Sheffield, The University of Warwick, The University of York, University College London, University of Bristol, University of Exeter, University of Leeds, University of Leicester.

man and woman walking down steps
women laughing together round a table
group of people listening to a presentation
My newfound confidence and communication skills will help me in the future, whatever career I end up in. Being a campus rep has allowed me to challenge myself to do things I never would have done before.
Campus rep
University of Birmingham


Before you apply

Make sure you’re eligible for the role. You need to be:

  • Studying at a UK university we recruit from and be able to work in the EU
  • Studying at your university when you apply and during your time as a campus rep
  • Able to commit to four hours work a week in the autumn and spring terms
  • Able to go on a residential training course in September – we’ll provide travel and accommodation

Application form

Your application starts with our online application form. It takes around two hours and asks you to demonstrate some of the key competencies we look for in successful Campus Reps. 

We want you to submit the strongest application possible. That’s why we have a team on hand to answer all your question and talk you through your application before you hit submit. You can get in touch with them via email. You can also chat to your University Recruiter.

Virtual development centre

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited for a virtual half-day assessment. You’ll need to be available for our development centre on the following dates:

29 June 2020
30 June 2020
1 July 2020
2 July 2020

During your selection day at the development centre, you’ll have even more opportunities to show us you’ve got what it takes to be a great campus representative. You’ll be asked to demonstrate competencies in each of the below activities:

  • An interview - You’ll share your experiences relating to our competencies in the interview and coaching activity.
  • A group task - You and up to six other fellow candidates will be asked to work together on a task that gives you a feeling for what your time as a campus representative will be like.   
  • A presentation - You’ll be asked to present a short pre-prepared presentation and you’ll get some feedback on your performance. You’ll be sent information about your presentation a week before your development centre day to help you prepare and you’ll be given subject topics to choose from.

Course dates – training 

Induction training will take place in our London Office between 9-10 September. You will also be asked to attend mid-year training in January (details for this will be confirmed closer to the time).

A Teach First campus rep at university
A group of campus reps walking through university grounds
Teach First campus reps in discussion
My newfound confidence and communication skills will help me in the future, whatever career I end up in. Being a campus rep has allowed me to challenge myself to do things I never would have done before.
Campus rep
University of Birmingham

Meet the reps

Our campus reps work in universities up and down the country - if you see one introduce yourself. They’ll be happy to tell you all about the role. Until then, take a look at what some of them have to say about it here.

Campus reps are hired because Teach First recognises no one knows a university better than its students. The amount of freedom the role offers you means you have to be independent, self-motivated and forward-thinking to succeed.

Molly, Liverpool University

My role is all about creativity. My fellow campus reps and our Teach First recruitment officer really support and encourage that. Thinking outside of the box is the best way to approach promotion. Even if it doesn’t work you know what to do next time.

Adrian, Warwick University

I’d encourage more students to become campus reps because it’s not like any other job. It allows you to work around your university timetable, not a lot of jobs offer this type of flexibility. It’s better paid than other student jobs too.

Bilal, University of Leeds

Group of Teach First campus reps walking together.
Teachers at workshop
A Teach First campus rep
My newfound confidence and communication skills will help me in the future, whatever career I end up in. Being a campus rep has allowed me to challenge myself to do things I never would have done before.
Campus rep
University of Birmingham

Try out teaching on our online experience for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) students.

STEM Online Experience

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Our country needs teachers, now more than ever. Join our most important cohort for a generation. Places for our 2021 Training Programme now open.

Training Programme

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Find an event near you where you can meet our recruiters

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