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Change careers - train to teach

Applications for 2020 are now open.

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Change careers - train to teach

Whatever you have done until now, it will have been nothing like teaching. Teaching is a career that will use all your professional skills and experience to make a difference in the lives of children who are currently being left behind by our education system.

Through our teacher training programme you will become a teacher who has a real and life-changing impact in the classroom. You’ll earn a salary and be fully supported as you train on the job.

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Our teaching programme

How our training works
Our Leadership Development Programme develops high-calibre teachers who have a positive effect in the classroom from day one. You’ll gain a valuable teaching qualification and develop your skills and impact during your training. No previous school experience needed - we prepare you to succeed.

What will I achieve?
The programme lasts two years, during which you’re fully-supported as you shift into teaching. You gain Qualified Teacher Status in your first year and teach as a Newly Qualified Teacher in year two, continuing to receive structured support.

And here's the best bit...
You'll earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Leadership (PGDE), and become part of a unique and inspiring network of 8,000+ teachers and former teachers, who share a commitment to creating positive, lasting change in education. Together you can help every young person get the education they deserve.

Here's how our teacher training programme works.

The benefits

Salary from day one in the classroom
Earn a salary from your first day in September and throughout your training, including school holidays.
Qualified Teacher Status
Become a fully-qualified teacher - 99% of our trainees get a grade 1 or 2 QTS ranking.
Accelerate your career
Continued support after you qualify, either in the classroom, or progressing towards a leadership role.
No fees to pay
Unlike some other routes, you pay no fees for your training and receive a salary.
Personalised professional support
Support from a subject expert and an in-school mentor, plus the outstanding Teach First community.
Gain a Master’s in just one year
Our PGDE takes you part-way to a Master’s, which you can complete with one of our university partners.

You'll be making a difference in the lives of children who need it most. Here’s how that feels…


If you’re looking for a new career that will give you the opportunity to change hundreds of lives, including your own – find out if you’re eligible. 

“I needed to pursue my passion for English. Teach First has provided me with the opportunity to spend my days sharing this passion with others. One of my favourite things about being a teacher is seeing my pupils grow and progress. There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing the pride they have in themselves when they do something well.” 

Rachel McLaughlin, 29, Blackpool, English Teacher just entering second year

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Coffee appointments

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South East (STEM, Geography, MFL)

Phone appointments

Book to have a phone appointment with one of our recruiters if you're located in the following areas:

Scotland and Ireland

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West Midlands

Overseas Applicants

Ask a question online

Contact our recruitment team and ambassadors who have completed our programmes.


Two students sit at a desk

Seeking information about our Time to Teach programme?

We’re sorry to say that applications are now closed for Time to Teach.

The programme was designed to test out a new way of training and supporting those wishing to change career into teaching. Being a pilot this year, it only ran in South Yorkshire and Manchester and was only open to those who were eligible to teach Science, languages and geography.

We are evaluating the results of the pilot to decide whether to reopen for applications next year.

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