Our Brand Manager Programme

Our Brand Manager Programme

Champion our mission at your university.

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Our Brand Manager Programme

Being a Teach First Brand Manager isn’t just about turning up, getting paid and switching off. Sure, like other part-time jobs, you’ll get a salary and enjoy flexible hours, but in this role, you’ll gain so much more.

Our Brand Managers are undergraduate students who work as part of our wider recruitment team to raise awareness of our mission to end educational inequality in the UK. As a member of the team, you’ll use your creativity and drive to help us find great people for our graduate and undergraduate programmes.

Through your duties as a Brand Manager, you'll gain excellent public speaking skills, and valuable experience in marketing and event management. And we’ll inspire, support and challenge you so that you develop on a personal and professional level. To find out what tasks you could be undertaking by working for Teach First, read what our current Brand Managers have to say.

Brand Managers are required to work an average of four hours a week at their university. As the role is flexible, you'll be able to manage your time so that these working hours fit carefully around your studies.

If you are confident and committed, this is an exciting opportunity to challenge a real social injustice and gain key transferable skills. Join a top graduate employer dedicated to changing the face of education.

Our Brand Manager Programme doesn't run at all universities, so check the list below to find out if it's running at yours.


  • Students at universities outside of London will be paid £8.75/hour in their first year in role, rising to £9.25/hour if staying on as a Brand Manager for a second year. Students at universities in London will be paid £10.20/hour in their first year in role, rising to £10.70/hour in their second year.
  • Brand Managers benefit from a flexible working system, so with the exception of pre-planned events, you will be able to plan and manage your own time. 
  • We strive to ensure strong performance is recognised and rewarded and as such you will be eligible for rewards where appropriate. 
  • Brand Managers who meet the relevant criteria are automatically eligible to take part in a Leadership Development Programme and Insight Programme assessment.

If you’re interested in applying for our graduate opportunity, the Leadership Development Programme, becoming a Brand Manager will give you a head start. The skills and attributes associated with the Brand Manager role are aligned with our selection competencies. Once you have received an offer for our Brand Manager Programme you’ll get a guaranteed place at a selection day for our Leadership Development Programme (provided you meet the programme’s criteria).

Application Deadlines

Apply by 9am on 26 November 2018 for Brand Manager positions at:

- University of Hull
- Swansea University
- University of Leicester
- Manchester Metropolitan University
- Brunel University London
- Nottingham Trent University

Apply by 9am on 3 December 2018 for Brand Manager positions at:

- Queen’s University Belfast

Is your university not listed? On 14 January 2019 we will start recruiting Brand Managers from our full list of over 30 universities for the academic year 2019/20.


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Application process: important dates

Applications open: Monday 29 October 2018

We are currently recruiting Brand Managers for 2018/19 at the following universities:

- Queen’s University Belfast (please note the application deadline is different to the other universities)
- University of Hull
- Swansea University
- University of Leicester
- Manchester Metropolitan University
- Brunel University London
- Nottingham Trent University

Application deadlines:

The deadline for submitting an application to be a Brand Manager at Queen's University Belfast is 9am on 22 November 2018.

The deadline for submitting an application for the other universities listed above is 9am on 26 November 2018.

Brand Manager assessments take place: interviews are likely to take place between the end of November and early December 2018.

Brand Manager training: compulsory attendance at a two-day residential training event. This will be either 17 and 18 December 2018 or 7 and 8 January 2019 (travel and accommodation are provided).

Brand Managers start in role: January 2019

Brand Manager applications at our full list of universities opens (for 2019/20): 14 January 2019

Who can apply?

To apply to be a Brand Manager you must:

- Be studying at a UK university that we recruit from and have permission to work within the EU.

- Be a university student present at your university at the time of application and during the year in role

- Commit to an average of four hours' work a week for two terms (autumn and spring); the hours you work are flexible so you can fit the role around your studies.

- Attend a compulsory two-day residential training event on 17 and 18 December 2018 or 7 and 8 January 2019 (travel and accommodation are provided).


Universities we recruit at

We are currently recruiting Brand Managers for 2018/19 at the following universities:

- Queen’s University Belfast
- University of Hull
- Swansea University
- University of Leicester
- Manchester Metropolitan University
- Brunel University London
- Nottingham Trent University

On 14 January 2019 we will start recruiting Brand Managers from our full list of over 30 universities for the academic year 2019/20. These are:

- University of Bath
- University of Birmingham
- University of Bristol
- University of Cambridge
- Cardiff University
- Durham University
- University of Edinburgh
- University of Exeter
- University of Kent
- King’s College London
- Lancaster University
- University of Leeds
- University of Leicester
- University of Liverpool
- Loughborough University
- The University of Manchester
- London School of Economics
- Newcastle University
- The University of Nottingham
- University of Oxford
- Queen Mary University
- The University of Sheffield
- University of Southampton
- University of St Andrews
- University College London
- The University of Warwick
- University of York

Job description and person specification

Job description

As a Brand Manager you will:

- Report into a university recruiter responsible for targeting and recruiting talented individuals from your university.

- Work independently and with your fellow Brand Managers to achieve goals set by Teach First and your university recruiter.

- Work independently with a variety of stakeholders including but not limited to, undergraduate and graduate students, Teach First participants, university staff and Teach First employees.

Your responsibilities will include:

- Having compelling conversations with students and encouraging them to sign up to receive further information about our charity and opportunities.

- Ensuring that the Teach First brand is visible at your university through a variety of marketing strategies.

- Developing and delivering your own small-scale events at your university to raise awareness of Teach First.

- Preparation and support at larger events such as the Teach First employer presentation and High Fliers activities. This will include event set up and clean up, as well as material preparation.

- Having one-to-one check-in meetings with potential candidates about the selection process and our offerings.

- Designing your own methods to increase brand awareness and visibility at your university. You’ll make sure Teach first continues to be viewed as one of the best opportunities for students at your university.

- Driving forward new stakeholder relationships and building on existing ones with academics, a diverse range of university societies, the Students’ Union and your careers advisory service.

- Effectively utilising student media channels at your university (for example, student newspapers or radio) to engage a wider audience.

- Providing general support across Teach First programmes such as Taster, Insight and ambassador events, as and where required.

Person specification

Essential skills and experience required

- Delivering results – Ability to hit the ground running. Is organised, highly proactive and able to coordinate multiple tasks and projects in a fast-paced, busy environment.

- Event management - Experience of logistical planning and delivery of events.

- Communication and influencing - Experience communicating persuasively to a wide range of audiences, using presentation skills to deliver specific messages to target audiences.

- Problem-solving – Able to manage multiple activities, with good judgement and decision making to consider conflicting priorities and how to balance time accordingly to deliver key outcomes.

- Relationship management – can manage interactions and relationships with a variety of different stakeholders.

Desirable skills and experience:

- Knowing the market - Has an understanding of UK universities and the UK graduate market.


Teach First competencies

We are a values-driven organisation. Our values shape our culture and how we operate, and we expect you to model them throughout the application process and during your time as a Brand Manager. We look for evidence of the following competencies when recruiting:

Understanding and motivation
You will need to show passion for Teach First and our vision, as well as an understanding and enthusiasm for the different opportunities we offer students and graduates.

You will need to be proactive and make decisions daily independently and as part of a team. You will be expected to strive to achieve above and beyond expectations by taking the lead and initiative to drive campaigns at your university.

Problem solving
Every day you will face new challenges and will have to come up with considered, effective and appropriate solutions in response. While drawing on resources and logic you will need to be innovative in your approach to promoting Teach First opportunities at your university. You will be expected to suggest creative ideas for engaging campaigns that capture the attention of students.

Humility, respect and empathy
As a Teach First Brand Manager you will be working with a variety of university stakeholders. We look for those that can build relationships quickly, giving value and respect to others to get the best out of them and to leverage support on campus.

Communicating clearly while listening and responding appropriately is very important as a Brand Manager. You will need to adapt your style in different situations and contribute as a great team player. You will be required to communicate with others verbally on a regular basis and will need to be persuasive in your interactions with others to influence their decision making.

Personal development is vital early in your career. You will need to be aware of your performance, your strengths and your weaknesses and will need to be realistic in what you can do better and how.

Planning and organising
You will need to manage your responsibilities and plan and execute your own activities and events. This will mean effectively managing your hours and duties alongside your academic work.

To learn more about our competencies, watch our short video.

Hints and tips for your application

The Brand Manager application is made up of two parts; a written section, and a video. The form should take around 30 minutes to complete (not including the video).  

In the written part of the application form you'll be asked three different questions which are competency-based. Take your time over each question and if necessary, pause and come back to your application with fresh eyes. You'll also need to create a video, which is also made up of two parts.

Our top application tips

- Don’t forget to do your research when writing about why you’d like to join our Brand Manager Programme. Our website has a wealth of information for you to use and it’s important for you to know what Teach First do and about our vision and mission. In role as a Brand Manager you'll be talking to lots of students about our Leadership Development Programme and our undergraduate opportunities, so make sure you take time to read about them before you start your application.

- To help you structure your answers for the competency-based questions, we suggest you use the CAR framework:

Context: Outline the context. What needed to be done? What was the objective?

Action: Next, explain the action you took to try and meet the objective. Use the first-person pronoun (“I did” “I created”) here. We also advise looking at our values, and weaving these into your answer.

Result: Finally, write about the result. This should be a positive one. If it’s negative, make it into a positive i.e. what did you learn from it?  Where possible it’s good for us to see qualitative results to strengthen the assessor's understanding of the outcome.

- Please ensure that any examples you use in your answers are based on real-life situations rather than hypotheticals. Provide significant detail about any activities or events that you describe in your answer.

- Many candidates falter on spelling and grammar so please check your application through thoroughly before submitting. One way of doing this is by copying and pasting your answer into a Word document.  Please note that our assessors look at spelling and grammar errors, and it is possible to fail your application because of them.

- Think about your writing style: this is a job application so do take a professional approach when answering the questions.

When making your video application consider the following:

- Relax, smile and look at the camera. Make sure your energy and enthusiasm shine through

- Make sure the total duration of the film is no more than four minutes

- Communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely. Try to avoid reading from a script

- We aren’t looking for a professionally-shot video, just film yourself on your phone or a webcam. We need to see you clearly and hear what you have to say.

Throughout the application process we will be on hand to support you. If you have any questions, please email undergraduates@teachfirst.org.uk.



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