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Teach First launches new brand to reflect full breadth of work

Teach First is today launching a new brand that marks the charity’s ambition to evolve from being known for teacher training alone, towards becoming known for a range of school leadership programmes and networks.   

When Teach First launched in 2002, its mission was to encourage talented people, many who would never have considered teaching, to become teachers in schools serving disadvantaged communities. This mission remains. The charity has now recruited over 14,000 teachers and leaders, has over 60 head teachers in their alumni and has supported over a million pupils.  

But, to make a bigger difference for young people from poorer backgrounds, the charity increased the breadth of their work. The new strategy puts schools at the heart of Teach First’s work, recognising that teachers are more likely to stay and thrive when they’re supported by great leaders. And that leaders need access to networks, services and support beyond the school system. 

The leadership programmes Teach First offers include:  

Leading Together –coaching and support for a whole school’s leadership teams to sustain improvements;  

Middle Leader, Senior Leader and Headship programmes – training for existing teachers to become effective leaders through peer learning, mentoring, and networking. Leading to a National Professional Qualification (NPQ). 

Careers Leaders – training for middle leaders in schools to develop a long-term school wide careers strategy to improve students’ opportunities.    

These programmes are open to all teachers working in Teach First eligible schools – those tackling the biggest challenges and serving the most disadvantaged. They complement the existing Training Programme, which remains the core of Teach First’s activity; this year celebrating their most diverse and biggest cohort ever recruiting 1,735 trainees.  

Powerful networks  

Schools cannot succeed in isolation from the rest of society, so Teach First also builds powerful networks around schools. By connecting their partner schools with each other, and to alumni, businesses, policy makers and social enterprises the charity can open opportunities to schools and pupils that are often reserved for their wealthier peers.  

Need for change  

A recent survey with teachers found that while 90% questioned were aware Teach First trains teachers, only 17% were aware they provided training to school leaders. 23% were aware they provided training to teachers who want to become leaders, and just 7% knew they provided leadership training to non-Teach First alumni1. This demonstrated the need for Teach First to raise awareness of their full range of activities to schools who could benefit from them.  

New voice  

With their new brand, Teach First is seeking a clear, down to earth and enthusiastic voice. They will try to bust their jargon to help build the appeal of their programmes and the status of teaching. As part of this, the main teacher training programme will now be known simply as the Teach First Training Programme, rather than the Leadership Development Programme (LDP).   

Refreshed logo and look 

As part of their new brand Teach First are launching a new logo as part of a fresh look. The logo is made up of a series of building blocks to reflect their purpose: building a fair education for all.  

Russell Hobby, CEO of Teach First said:  

“When Teach First launched in 2002 it did so with a single programme. We’re proud to have recruited over 14,000 teachers to work in schools facing the greatest challenges. But we know recruiting great teachers is only part of the puzzle to unlock the potential in all children. We all need to get behind schools and support them to thrive - making them places teachers and children can flourish.  

“Our new brand signals another step in our journey. We are changing to meet the needs of the schools serving the most disadvantaged. Schools and teachers make a difference to young lives and we’re incredibly excited to now be supporting them at several levels as we work together to build a fair education for all.” 

The launch of the new brand is a strong signal of Teach First’s strategy, as they work towards helping two million more young people over the next five years. Through a clear and compelling voice talking about teaching, leadership and networks, the charity hopes to reach more partners than ever before – allowing them to work in together to unlock the potential in every child, not just some.  


About Teach First

Teach First is an education charity, with a mission to build a fair education for all. Through a range of school leadership programmes the charity supports teachers, leaders and schools facing the biggest challenges, serving the most disadvantaged communities.   

The charity has now recruited over 14,000 teachers and leaders, has over 60 head teachers in their alumni and has supported over a million pupils.  

Those on the Training Programme commit to a minimum of two years at their partner school, where they teach a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) timetable; and around half stay on for a third year. More than half of all the teachers who’ve completed training since 2003 are currently teaching.  


The charity supports whole leadership teams through Leading Together. Develops individuals to become effective leaders through Middle Leader, Senior Leader and Headship programmes leading to a National Professional Qualification. And Career Leader training to develop a long-term, school wide careers strategy to improve student opportunities after school.   


Teach First currently operates in Wales and in all regions across England: London, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire the Humber, North West, North East, South East, South Coat, South West and the East of England.        

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