Reconnect with Teaching

A former teacher smiles to the camera with their hands in their pockets.

Reconnect with the career you love. If you’re in London or the South West, we can help you find your ideal role as a science, maths, English, geography or MFL teacher.

  • Support for all qualified teachers to get back into the classroom.
  • Refresh your subject knowledge with tailored training.
  • Find the right role via our network of schools.
  • Transform the education of disadvantaged children.
  • Accelerate your teaching career with ongoing support.
Positions available to start at the beginning of any school term.
Applications are now closed

Return to teaching with the support you need to find a role where you can make a difference.


Support for qualified teachers to retrain as a teacher

Don’t go it alone - reconnect with teaching with our support. We’ll help you build your confidence and expand your teaching knowledge, and we’ll work hard to find the right role for you.

Refresh your subject knowledge with tailored training

Returning to teaching after a time away can seem daunting. If we feel that you’ll benefit from it, you’ll have the opportunity to catch up on your subject quickly with a subject-knowledge enhancement course. You’ll also have access to a dedicated Teach First contact who can answer any questions you may have and help you make an action plan for your return to teaching as you retrain as a teacher.

Find the right role via our network of schools

All teaching jobs are different, and it can be hard to find your perfect fit. Because our nationwide network of schools includes many in London and the South West,we can find a role that suits your career aspirations and lifestyle. Tell us what your priorities are in continuing your career in teaching and we’ll take care of the rest.

Transform the education of disadvantaged children

Great teaching is always transformative – this is never truer than when you work with the kids who stand to gain the most from it. Our partner schools serve some of the poorest communities in Britain, where a good education can be the way for children to have a fair chance in life. If you want to make a difference when you retrain as a teacher, we can help you find a meaningful and fulfilling place back at the front of the classroom.

Accelerate your career with ongoing support

We don’t stop working on your behalf when you’re placed in one of our partner schools. Throughout your career, we’ll help to ensure you have the opportunities and support you need to reach your long-term goals. 

students seated reading from books, teacher standing next to them
seated student with raised hand
I realised that, if I wanted to have the greatest possible impact on children’s lives, I needed to go back into teaching.
Mei Lim,
Teach First Ambassador and headteacher
Weyfield Primary Academy, Guildford


Reconnect with Teaching is tailored to your needs from day one. We’ll start by finding out what support you need to retrain as a teacher – whether that’s topping up your knowledge on the new GSCE marking system or getting a refresher on your trigonometry. All you need to do is fill out a form to tell us where you need extra support.

You can sign up at any time – applications are rolling throughout the year. Submit an online application today to take the first step on your journey to Reconnect with Teaching. We’ll ask you for some basic information, then one of our team will be in touch to talk through what you’re looking for and discuss next steps.

How long will the process take?

After you’ve signed up we’ll find out more about the support you need. We’ll then be able to give you an idea of how long it’s likely to take to get you back into school. When we’ve found the right school for you we can look for opportunities for you to start at the beginning of any term. We can also be flexible around your preferred timelines.

Attend an interview at a school

Whilst you’re getting back up to speed we’ll be working in the background to find you a role in a school that best suits you. We’ll check with you before arranging an interview –and help you prepare.

Get prepared for school

Once we know what you need, we’ll build you a tailored plan with actions to complete ahead of starting in your new school. This might include:

  • Completing a subject-knowledge enhancement course.
  • Accessing our suite of online resources.
  • Attending a subject-specific preparation event.

Receive ongoing support

Even after you’re settled back into the classroom, we’ll continue to help you progress in your career. You’ll be able to accelerate your teaching career towards your long-term goals, with support delivered through our regular career development opportunities and our network of over 10,000 ambassadors who you’ll join.

teacher at the front of a class writing on the whiteboard
three students sitting in a classroom smiling and clapping
I realised that, if I wanted to have the greatest possible impact on children’s lives, I needed to go back into teaching.
Mei Lim,
Teach First Ambassador and headteacher
Weyfield Primary Academy, Guildford


By returning to teaching, you can have a massive impact on children’s lives, and help us challenge educational inequality. You’ll also reconnect with a rewarding career, with plenty of support from us along the way.


We played our part in transforming London from one of the worst performing school areas to the best-performing, having placed more than 5,000 teachers there since 2003.We’re now aiming to do the same across England and Wales.


An independent report by the Institute of Education found that schools working with Teach First improved their GCSE scores, and concluded that the presence of Teach First teachers, "raises the teaching standards of those who teach alongside them.”

Career success

More than a third of the headteachers who have come through the Teach First scheme have returned to teaching after gaining experience elsewhere.

a teacher looking off to the side smiling
Teacher in front of class, and boy with hand up


Are you eligible? 

Reconnect with Teaching is open to all teachers who want to come back to the profession. Even if you didn’t train with us, so long as you have QTS, you can apply. 

This year Reconnect is open to people who: 

- Would like to teach in London or the South West of England 
- Would like to work in a Secondary School
- Have experience teaching science, maths, English, geography or MFL
- Are not currently in a full-time teaching role

The application process 

More like a registration process, to apply for Reconnect to Teaching you’ll fill out an online form to confirm your qualifications, give us a sense of the support you might need and your motivations for applying. 

Once you have competed the form, our team will then be in touch to talk through your application. We’ll chat about your answers to build a bespoke plan to get you ready for the classroom. At this point our team will also begin searching for roles for you, based on the information in your form. We’ll be looking for roles in schools in our huge network and finding the placement that best suits your skills, and the needs of the school. 

Throughout your application process you’ll be able to contact our team to answers your questions at any time. 

Maybe you already have questions! If so, email us and we’ll be in touch. 

Work in the schools where you’re needed 

We’ve designed our pilot programme to serve schools where we can make the biggest difference. You can be sure that the school we place in you in, will need you – and you’ll be making a difference from day one. Reconnect with Teaching will support you ahead of, and once you’re in the classroom – but you need to ready for a challenge. 

Image of maths teacher in front of class
I realised that, if I wanted to have the greatest possible impact on children’s lives, I needed to go back into teaching.
Mei Lim,
Teach First Ambassador and headteacher
Weyfield Primary Academy, Guildford

Reconnect with Teaching

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