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Frustrated with educational inequality in the UK?

Apply to the Innovation Series now

The Innovation Series is for people who have identified a problem in education which they want to solve, but who do not yet have a fully developed solution.

You will be supported to learn more about the problem, generate new ideas to solve it and pilot the best idea to determine if it makes a difference. 

You can apply to take part in an Innovation Series as an individual or in a team. You don’t have to be a teacher, or a Teach First ambassador to apply. We are looking for people:

  • Who have identified a problem in education they are passionate about solving (you don’t need to have the solution yet!)
  • Who are committed to taking part in all five events which take place as part of the Series and working on their project in between
  • Who are participants on our Leadership Development Programme (second-years only), our ambassadors, or who are completely new to our work – we're looking for a wide range of perspectives and ideas. 

Applications for this year's Innovation Series are open now! Please apply here

Deadline: 28 July

Guidance on how to upload your video can be found here

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us

Why apply for an Innovation Series near you?

innovation workshop

Win funding

Once you’ve developed a solid idea, you’ll get the chance to pitch in a friendly Dragons’ Den to win funding to help you to pilot your idea.

innovation workshop

Test an idea

Innovation Series are all about problem-solving through creating and doing, rather than simply discussing. We’ll help you analyse the problem, build your idea and test it over the year.

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It's free of charge

Not just that, if your application is successful we'll cover most of your costs for the training days including meals and some of your travel expenses.

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Anyone can apply

Educational inequality is complex, and needs people from different sectors and walks of life to collaborate on solutions. You can apply as an individual or in a team and you don’t have to be a teacher to apply.

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Build networks

You’ll meet interesting, like-minded people from education, business and other backgrounds, who will share your journey and support you along the way.

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Receive mentoring

You’ll receive advice and mentoring about how to generate ideas, plan your pilot, evaluate your pilot and much more over the course of the Series.

What happens after the Innovation Series?

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