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This section provides information for those who are currently taking or have previously taken one of our NPQ programmes.

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Frequently asked questions

Can someone who has completed the current NPQH re-apply for the reformed NPQH?

Yes, provided the individual did not withdraw or fail the same qualification previously. The framework has been revised and the content updated from the current NPQH.

N.B: for the transfer to be processed, capacity and provision issues would need to be discussed. 

Will teachers and leaders who have previously undertaken an NPQ be eligible for the new suite?

Yes. Teachers and leaders who have previously undertaken an NPQ will be eligible for funding on the reformed suite (2021/22 cohorts only), subject to meeting the scholarship criteria. This includes all those who have previously deferred, withdrawn from or failed an NPQ prior to 2021 (including, but not limited to, the legacy 2017 suite). Participants wishing to apply for future cohorts will be subject to future funding criteria. 

Is it still the case that once you have registered for a particular level of NPQ, you cannot reapply for the same level in the future?

Legacy participants will not be excluded from taking an NPQ at an equivalent level to their previous NPQ. However, a participant who fails or withdraws from an NPQ from the new 2021 suite will not be eligible for scholarship-funded access to the same NPQ.

Example 1: A teacher who completes a scholarship-funded Middle Leadership NPQ from the 2017 suite would be eligible for a scholarship-funded Specialist NPQ from the 2021 suite (subject to meeting 2021/22 scholarship criteria).

Example 2: A teacher who fails or withdraws from a Specialist NPQ in Leading Teacher Development would be eligible for scholarship funding to take a different Specialist NPQ, such as Leading Teaching.  

I am unable to complete my NPQ on the legacy (2017) suite. Will I be able to transfer partially completed training to the same (or equivalent) qualification under the new suite?

Participants on the legacy (2017) suite should be aware that they have until 31 August 2022 to complete their NPQ course. This includes submitting work for assessment and moderation.

Participants on the legacy (2017) suite who are at risk of non-completion by August 2022 should, in the first instance, contact their provider to discuss the support available to enable them to complete.

The reformed (2021) NPQs have been designed to be substantially different from the 2017 suite, therefore legacy participants will not have the opportunity to transfer partially completed training to a qualification under the new suite.

Participants who are unable to complete their qualifications under the legacy (2017) suite will be required to reapply for and restart the new training.

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